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Post Info TOPIC: Getting the details
When do you get the detail of items being photographed? [17 vote(s)]

While taking the pics
At the end from a hand written list
Other? If so explain please. Thanks.


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RE: Getting the details

We are still fairly new to this business but have learned through several inventories that it is important to get as much information as possible about each item while you are on site. 

My husband takes the pictures and records serial numbers, additional information, descriptions, and prices from the owner using a digital recorder.  At the same time, I enter the items and identifying descriptions in the software so that I can match up the picture to the item.  While he is taking general room pictures, I have some time to enter purchase information but really rely on the digital recorder for much of the information. 

Having the right descriptions to match the pictures really helps when you are having to match up 10 Prada purses and their prices or 6 different hand guns.  So I think it is important to stay with the photographer to get the right descriptions entered as the picture is taken.

As suggested before, if necessary you can ask the customer to help with assigning prices later.  Sometimes, they really need to think about it after the inventory or look for receipts/credit card statements to help them put the right purchase value on valuables.   I export the inventory by Location to Excell and send it to them afterward, if needed, so that they can enter the price or estimated purchase value.  When they send it back, I plug the values into the software quickly and then create the reports for delivery.
We try to streamline the process so that the customer is not 'worn out' by the end and will be more likely to recommend us to their friends and neighbors. 

I hope this helps.

Sandra Roberts
Record-It Home Inventory



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Hey Erik, I take the photos and give the obvious description to my partner/fiance and she asks the homeowner the rest i.e. where,when,how much etc. she hand writes all the info and we enter it in the computer later.It takes a litlle more of our time to do this but less time in the home.-Davin

Davin Brizius
Premier Home Inventory, LLC


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Tony will shoot the pictures. I input the items in the computer and then i go back and do descriptions while I am still in the room! Tony moves the the next room. I then ask the customer at that time to give me the info!

Tony will move ahead and then he will start writting down the items and shooting photos!

i then add his list and ask the customer at that time for the descriptions!

Kim Dauria\Southern Homes Inventory

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Hello all,
Question when shooting an inventory. Do you ask the customer as you photo each item for the detial IE price, date purchased, where purchased, etc? If so what does the client think about having to answer all these questions for a couple of hours? Or do you do it at the end by going through your hand written list?

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